Friday, August 31, 2007

John Prescott decides to step down at the next election.

John Prescott announced he will be stepping down from Parliament at the next General Election.The announcement was made at a large gathering of Labour supporters and members.

John said, “ It had been a huge privilege to represent the people of East Hull”.

No hint was given as to when the next General Election will take place.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cllr Nicholson attacks Lib Dem Cabinet

Cllr Nicholson attacks Lib Dem Cabinet

Holderness Ward Liberal Democrat Councillor John Nicholson made an astonishing attack this week on how his own group operate. We all know that the Lib Dems operate in an undemocratic way but its unusual for one of their own to not only admit it but to complain about it to members of the Labour Group.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Residents walk out of meeting.

A recent article in the Hull Mail shows how deluded the average Liberal Democrat councillor can get. The article described how residents attending a "Public Meeting" were forced to Queue up to ask questions. Over 70 residents attended but found they could only ask questions to councillors sat at tables and not to the whole meeting. Many residents walked out in disgust. The Liberal Democrat Party organised said afterwards "it went well".

Liberal Democrats forced to admit they lied.

The Liberal Democrat party in Hull is rapidly being forced to admit it drastically overestimated the numbers of properties in Hull damaged by the recent floods. Liberal Democrat representatives repeatedly lied about the numbers to make the event more dramatic. They didn't care about the people and families involved. Now they are having to admit they got it wrong. The lesson is simple if a Liberal Democrats can't be trusted.