Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Response to Karl Turner MP.

I am writing in response to the recent first person article from MP Karl Turner.

There is a real sense of anger felt by many people in the city to the current situation.

Anger about falling living standards, anger about the bedroom tax, anger about the need for food banks and anger at the corporate greed, which means many profitable businesses, pay no tax.

It seems politicians don’t understand the real world. Whilst chancellor George Osborne says austerity will last until 2020 Karl Turner defended the use of First Class rail travel by MP’s.

The living standards of ordinary people are continuing to fall as the political parties draw battle lines for the next general election.  With the Conservative Party moving to the right Labour has yet failed to clearly put forward a socialist alternative to the City of London obsessed Tories.

I welcome the pledges from Ed Miliband to scrap the Bedroom Tax and freeze energy prices but we need to do far more than that.

With 2,500 people in Hull are reliant on local food banks, thousands are on zero hours contracts and many more face the prospect of job losses and wage freezes.

We need a lot more from our local Labour MPs about what a future Labour Government will do for people facing the brunt of the government’s austerity policy.

I want to see a Labour government.  I support every gain which is made to improve the lives working people, but Labour need to go much further to tackle the real problems in society.

There is no point trying to patch up capitalism.  Ed Ball’s plan to accept Tory-spending plans for the first year of a Labour government is not acceptable.

An incoming Labour government need to be much more radical, taking the big monopoly industries like railways, water, gas and electric back into public ownership.

A temporay freeze on prices is not enough; you can’t plan what you don’t control.