Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The Greek election result and the victory for Syriza is a serious threat to the European Union. 
It shows that voters reject the austerity measures pressed for by governments across Europe. The whole eurozone is at risk if voters reject austerity.
The main problem for Britain and the Europe is low wages leading to an overproduction of products and services which cannot be purchased by consumers on low wages.
European deflation is making outstanding debts more and more difficult to repay and QE is aggravating the problem.
The policy of austerity is wrecking economies across europe causing misery, unemployment, povery and the growth in foodbanks here in the UK.
There is real anger against austerity, bankers, capitalists, MPs and the rich.
Greece hasn't been bailed out by Europe it is the banks which lent money to Greece who have been bailed out.
Traditional parties across europe on the left and right have given in and implemented austerity. Including the Labour council in Hull
Cuts have been made to services as capitalism cannot afford the reforms of the past.
The Greek election results for PASOK 4.7% shows what can happen to the Labour Party if it gets into government and implements austerity.
If Labour implements austerity workers will desert in droves.
For Syriza winning the election may be the easiest bit. They must not back down now.
Why should the EC rescue the new government?
Tsipras won because he said he would stand up to the demands of the EU.
Tsipras will now be put under tremendous pressure by the EU.
Angela Merkel cannot give in to Syriza for fear of a backlash at home and the risk that Portugal, Spain and Italy will be next.
PODEMOS is already ahead of opinion polls in Spain.
Syriza must be bold.
They must take on the bankers and take real economic power in Greece. The banks and big companies need to be taken over so that decisions can be made in the interest of the greek people. Money hidden abroad in Swiss bank accounts must be returned.
The stakes are now raised. The honeymoon period will be short. Syriza and Tsipras wont last long if they let down their voters they have a much bigger battle to win now.