Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Neighbourhood Watch Group

Earlier this week i was invited to the first meeting of a new Neighbourhood Watch Group. It was a well run and attended meeting by local residents. Some very positive comments and contributions made and i am sure the group will do well.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lib Dems want to give up!

Having had a brief chat over the weekend with one of my Lib Dem colleagues it seem there is quite a strong feeling within the Lib Dem group to “have a month off”, as it was put to me.

This is absolutely amazing. The Lib Dems in Hull having demanded to be put in control now want a month off to fight the election.

My feeling is that more and more people are seeing Liberal Democrats for the underhand scheming group they are.

After all 12 of their own councillors in recent years have left following fallouts and infighting. Two have even left since the last election.

Clearly cracks are starting to show particularly within the leadership of the Liberal Democrats. Many people have commented to me on the poor performance of Cllr Minns both from within the Council and other residents.

Perhaps he is suffering from too many lunches with the arch Tory John Fareham.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lib Dems threaten to resign

The Liberal Democrat administration who control Hill City Council are threatening to resign if they don't get their own way at next weeks budget setting council meeting. It is the second time the group has issued such a threat. Clearly unhappy at having to make any sort of decision they are always looking for a reason to walk away.

Full Council Meeting

A Full Council Meeting was held this week on Thursday 15th of February. Given the parties are all active on discussing the coming budget it was a more subdued meeting than usual. The Budget meeting will take place on Thursday the 1st March and could provide some real fireworks. There are some very serious decisions to be made over the coming weeks and months and it is becoming very clear that the current Lib Dems are not up to the job. Even their leader admitted so much in slip at the full council meeting. Cllr Minns admitted he needs to reshuffle the cabinet soon. This is very clear as a number of current cabinet members are not up to it. In particular Collinson Baker and Sloan are all struggling and are likely to be the first to be dropped or demoted.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Riverside Area Committee Meeting 14th February

The Riverside Area Committee meeting was held in the ward this month at the Balfour Street Community Centre. Unfortunately the police who normally attend did not on this occassion and it was not possible to raise concerns expressed by residents. Following the meeting i spoke to the area inspector and have passed on the most serious issues. A promise of action over the next few weeks was made.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lib Dems axe Number 90 Bus Service.

Liberal Democrat councillors in Hull have decided to axe the popular Number 90 bus service. The service which has run to and from Victoria Dock to the City Centre for the past 10 years will be axed so that savings can be used to fund Stagecoach services in the West of the city.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Council to clamp down on tax dodgers

Details of press release issued by the Authority. Hull City Council is about to undertake a high tech initiative that's set to find council tax dodgers across the city. Using the latest data matching technology, an initial 5,000 households in Hull that claim to be occupied by a person living on their own will be checked to make sure that the 25% discount they are receiving is still applicable. This anti-fraud initiative will access a range of data sources. This included third party data providers which helps to ensure that only people entitled to receive the 25% single person discount actually do so. The initiative is fully in-line with Data Protection Regulations. Andy Brown, Head of Revenues and Benefits said: "People who are genuinely claiming this discount have nothing to fear - we want them to continue receiving the discount to which they are entitled. However, we take a zero tolerance approach to fraud - all fraud - and we will use the latest technology to carry out this major council tax anti-fraud initiative. "It's vitally important that council tax due is collected to pay for local services such as street cleaning, leisure centres, social services and education."Anyone who is claiming the 25% discount incorrectly is being urged to come forward by 28 February 2007 and notify the council before these checks are made to avoid the possibility of the council taking further action unnecessarily. After this date, claimants who are identified as being ineligible for the discount but are claiming it, face the prospect of a £50 civil penalty and/or possible prosecution under the Theft Act 1968 that could lead to a fine of £1,000.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lib Dem bosses axe Wilberforce Celebration Chief

Liberal Democrat bosses at the Guildhall have moved the organiser of the Wilberforce Celebrations to another role within the authority. The move prompted a double page spread in the local paper as partners in the celebrations spoke of their concerns at the way the move has been handled. A high paid consultant will now be hired to take on the role. It seems the control freaks in the Lib Dem administration are once again showing an aggressive and nasty side.
How the Mail carried the story.

New Sub-Post Office for Chamberlain Road

I was pleased this week to be contacted by Sergi Singh the owner of the Jackpot store on Chamberlain Road. Following a high profile public campaign Sergi has had his application to open a Post Office counter in his shop accepted. This is really good news for business and residents in the area. The post office counter will require some alterations in the store and training for staff and should be open in a few months time. Sergi rang to thank me for my support in the campaign to obtain the post office.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Traffic Problems Victoria Dock School

I have received a large number of complaints regarding indiscriminate parking around Victoria Dock School at drop off and pick up times. The traffic department at the council are well aware of the problem and have been receiving complaints. Whilst I understand parents want to make sure their children arrive at school safely it is not acceptable that they then cause other parents and road users problems. Following my request a consultation will begin with local residents into possible solutions to the problem.

Fake Lib Dem

The fake Liberal Democrat candidate in Drypool continues to lie about her real address and is still prepared to give a bogus address on her leaflet. This says so much about the Lib Dems in Hull. Whilst I have no problem with Angela standing as a candidate and welcome a real debate about issues in the area her first act has been to lie to residents. Not a very good start then.