Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Its anybodies fault but ours say Lib Dems

Blame the public say Lib Dems.

On Look North tonight was a story about rising traffic pollution in the city. Having heard that traffic pollution levels in Hull are increasing the Lib Dem councillor responsible refused to take any action as “public opinion fuelled by the media was against us doing anything”. It was can only be described as a woeful performance he tried to blame “the media” for traffic pollution.

However, what was not told was that one of the first things the Lib Dems did when they came to power in Hull was to take money which had been put aside for a park and ride site and spend it in their own area on their own pet projects.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mad Lib Dems call for no confidence vote in own administration

The Mad Liberal Democrats in Hull are set to call a no confidence vote in themselves. The Lib Dems took control of Hull City Council in May this year, but after 2 councillor defected they now find themselves in a minority administration. The remaining councillors are meeting today to decide whether to move a confidence motion in their own administration. They are so desperate to get out of power.

Residents Surveys

Over the past few weeks I have been delivering Resident Survey forms to homes in the Drypool ward. It’s a great way to keep in touch with residents. The response has been great, when ever I deliver in an area of the ward over the next few days I get a steady trickle of replies. Each one returned is fascinating, full of the real issues which are of concern. The number of replies is generating quite a bit of casework, its no good just getting the response reading it and putting it to one side every form has to be answered. Well I say every form but you obviously get the ones that cant be answered. Usually because the address is missing deliberately or not.

Friday, October 27, 2006

In the pink

I attended my first meeting of the Hull Teaching PCT this morning designated as "in the Pink" for Breast Cancer Day. It was great to see everyone wearing pink and supporting the day.

Everyone's leaving the Lib Dems.

Once again a Liberal Democrat councillor has left the Hull Lib in disgust. Councillor Mike Rouse-Deane has decided he has had enough and has crossed the floor to sit as in independent.

He joins a long list. Mel Taylor left this summer only weeks after being elected claiming that a small undemocratic group is making all decisions. Janet Toker's resigned from the Lib Dems claiming in her resignation speech “Hull Liberal Democrats are all about money and greed”.

In total 13 Lib Dem councillor elected since 2002 have left in splits, fallouts and disputes. No wonder everyone’s leaving them.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In the red corner

I have just seen the late edition of the Hull Mail from Monday night. Lots of press speculation regarding the Hull East seat and possible contenders for the Labour Party candidate. Even got a mention, which was nice. I am sure that it is not as straight forward as the article suggests. What is required in Hull is a complete rebuilding of the party, increased activism, door knocking and talking to residents about their priorities and concerns. Hull is a Labour city and if we want it to remain like that then its going to take hard work. Who ever is selected as the parliamentary candidate.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Who would be a Train Driver?

Apart from being a City Councillor I am also a train driver for Northen Trains based at the city's Paragon Station. So after having been away for 3 weeks on council duties and a short holiday it was back to the day job this weekend. My first shift back was a service protection turn. As the resident councillor in the mess room I was as usual subjected to ribbing about the council as well as a series of questions problems and issues. I get more caseworks here than at my surgery.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Council Leader Taken to Hospital after "falling down stairs"

Hull's Lib Dem council leader was taken to hospital on Thursday night the day of the Full Council Meeting after "falling down stairs". It is not know if an accelerant was used.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Buckingham Street Residents Meeting

Tonight saw the inaugural meeting of a residents association based on the Buckingham Street area. The meeting was very well attended with over 40 people packed into a small meeting room at the Cornmill Hotel. It was really pleasing to see so many residents from the local area. I was asked to chair the meeting which is always great fun especially when there is a high level of debate and contribution. As usual very little contribution or help from my ward colleagues.

The outcome of the meeting was very positive with general agreement to set up a residents group with a local committee and members.

Full Council Meeting

Todays Full Council meeting was the usual affair. Carl Minns refused to answer questions, puffed himself up to his full height and shouted lots of hot air. It was interesting to see the reaction from his own councillors. Everytime he speaks those not in his close circle wince at his comments and manner.

The Lib Dems clearly have no idea what to do with Building Schools for the Future. They do not have a vision for education in the city. They simply want to "consult", "get cross party working" "set up a commission" in fact do anything but put forward a single view of their own.

They clearly dont want to face opposition to school rebuilding, relocation or closure, but the result is delay and confusion.

I am sure the Lib Dems would prefer to lose the project rather than be asked to deliver changes to schools in the city.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hull Lib Dems plan fortnightly rubbish collections.

It was made very clear today that the local Lid Dems in Hull are planning a move to fortnightly household rubbish collections in 2007. The change to collections will be rolled out across the city over a number of months. The cost cutting measure will be very unpopular with local residents in the city.

Drypool Ward members meeting.

This morning I attended the Drypool ward members meeting. Adam and Andy both attended along with officers from the local Area Team. The main purpose of the meeting is to allocate the ward councillors community budget. Usually there is little disagreement today was no exception. Funds allocated to area street clean ups which are a particular favorite of mine and PROBE for security target hardening.

"What you need is a blog"

"what you need is a blog" he says, It cant be that difficult. In fact it is too easy. Two clicks of the mouse and hey presto. The difficulty is the content. What is a blog for? Is it for local residents or just for me? Already my future election agent is hard at work. The next leaflet already at the printers, the blog address splashed across the banner. And the blog already linked to another Dizzy Thinks: Prescott informs NEC of his retirement as an MP?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Labour Group Meeting

The regular Labour Group meeting was held tonight. Political group meetings are some of the most important to attend. Decisions made are binding on members, held in private and allow a full and frank exchange of views. Details of the meetings are not normally released. All political parties act in the same way. Real decision making can take place at these meetings which can wield enormous power.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hull Kingston Rovers

Hull Kingston Rovers celebrated promotion to the super league tonight with a open top bus tour of the city and reception at the City Hall.
Thousands of Rovers fans packed into Queen Victoria Square. The Big Screen showing highlights of season games and the magnificent win over Widnes.
Robins captain Jamie Webster.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Question Time

Today I attended a Question Time Event at Hull College. It was a very well attended event with approx 200 students from across Hull. A very good range of questions asked starting of on the Wilberforce celebrations and then moving off to a greater variety of topics.
This is the first time I had been asked other panel members have attended similar events in the past.
Council leader Carl Minns for the Lib Dems once again failed to provide any real solutions or answers to questions.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Riverside Area Committee

It was the Riverside Area Committee meeting tonight held at the Balfour Street Community Centre. There was a good turnout from the Garden Village Society as usual. Inspector Any Foster attended which gave me chance to raise the issue of drug dealing in the area. Resently two houses have been raided due to reports from residents but other addresses need to be targted. There is a promise of more action to come.

Other interesting items regarding the Spacial Strategy for the city of Hull. Spacial strategy actually means deciding what can be built where in the city. The Lib Dems are not putting forward any proposals but want to "consult". They have no ideas of their own and are terrified of putting anything forward in case anyone opposes. They want us to make suggestions so they can attack us. Typical of the Lib Dems no ideas no vision no point.