Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lib Dems want to give up!

Having had a brief chat over the weekend with one of my Lib Dem colleagues it seem there is quite a strong feeling within the Lib Dem group to “have a month off”, as it was put to me.

This is absolutely amazing. The Lib Dems in Hull having demanded to be put in control now want a month off to fight the election.

My feeling is that more and more people are seeing Liberal Democrats for the underhand scheming group they are.

After all 12 of their own councillors in recent years have left following fallouts and infighting. Two have even left since the last election.

Clearly cracks are starting to show particularly within the leadership of the Liberal Democrats. Many people have commented to me on the poor performance of Cllr Minns both from within the Council and other residents.

Perhaps he is suffering from too many lunches with the arch Tory John Fareham.

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John Fareham said...

Gosh Gary. years since I have been called an "Arch Tory". Cheers, my critics seem to think I am not, so thanks for the endorsement! John