Monday, July 14, 2008

Lib Dems plan "Drivers Tax"

This article caught my eye outlining Lib Dem plans for a "Drivers Tax " of 8p per Kilometre.
The plans would charge car drivers and extra £3 per trip to Beverley or Brough and an extra £15 for every typical trip to Leeds. Bet we dont see this on any fib dem focus leaflet.


Jonny Wright said...

Where's the clipping from? Do you have a link to the story on the web?

That proposal had completely passed me by, and I think it's quite worrying. Economically, and in terms of fighting congestion, a pay-as-you-drive road tax makes more sense than the current flat-rate VED, but the idea of a liberal politician (especially a *genuine* liberal like Clegg) proposing a tracking device in every car on the roads is very very worrying indeed!

Anonymous said...

Yes come on Gary which paper where?