Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Riverside Area Committee

It was the Riverside Area Committee meeting tonight held at the Balfour Street Community Centre. There was a good turnout from the Garden Village Society as usual. Inspector Any Foster attended which gave me chance to raise the issue of drug dealing in the area. Resently two houses have been raided due to reports from residents but other addresses need to be targted. There is a promise of more action to come.

Other interesting items regarding the Spacial Strategy for the city of Hull. Spacial strategy actually means deciding what can be built where in the city. The Lib Dems are not putting forward any proposals but want to "consult". They have no ideas of their own and are terrified of putting anything forward in case anyone opposes. They want us to make suggestions so they can attack us. Typical of the Lib Dems no ideas no vision no point.

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