Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hull Lib Dems plan fortnightly rubbish collections.

It was made very clear today that the local Lid Dems in Hull are planning a move to fortnightly household rubbish collections in 2007. The change to collections will be rolled out across the city over a number of months. The cost cutting measure will be very unpopular with local residents in the city.

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Dorothea said...

Hi Gary,

You have nothing to fear from the new collections schedule. Where I live, we have weekly collections of recyclables like glass, cardboard and organic waste, with fortnightly collections of the residual. For my household this is working brilliantly, and our residual waste has dropped to about 25-30% of what it was - we love the new system.

Unfortunately there are a few selfish and irresponsible people who just cannot be bothered to sort their waste, and just throw things in the street, like babies throwing their toys out of the pram in a temper!

The new waste collection schedules are absolutely essential for the well-being of ourselves and our environment.

Best wishes,

PS I am NOT a lib dem.