Friday, September 14, 2007

Don't Drive tired.

In 2001 a Land Rover and trailer left the M62 at a rail-over bridge went down the embankment and came to rest fouling the main railway line at Great Heck. The resulting rail crash cost the lives of 10 people including train driver Steve Dunn.

This week his widow and the road safety charity Brake are publicising the devastating results possible of driving whilst tired.

I regularly drive trains along the main east coast route past the site of the crash. Whilst there is little sign of the accident now it is a constant reminder of the possible consequences of road users driving whilst unfit.

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Michael Duly said...

You may or may not remember me Gary. You was DSM at Leeds whilst I was an announcer. I'm now a signaller at Wakefield Kirkgate and will be joining you as a driver in April '08. It's good to see somebody reminding the public of this devastating incident. I knew Steve (Dunn) as I was working at Ferrybridge signal box at the time where Freightliner Heavy Haul were based. I was sickened by a recent news article that Gary Hart, the land rover driver is back driving cars again.

Keep up the excellent work Gary.

Michael Duly