Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tebbit Test.

In 1990 Norman Tebbit one of the most rabid of the political right mooted a "Cricket Test" be applied to Asians living in Britain. The test clearly designed to be racist in nature is one of the abiding quotes from the Thatcher years. Lets hope it stays buried in the rubbished history of the Tory right.


Anonymous said...

What? not like Gordon Brown of course. " British jobs for British Workers.! All he needed to say was vote BNP and we had the lot!

Gary Wareing said...

I can’t really understand what you have to hide behind anonymity. Why are you so scared to appear on here as yourself? The Liberal Democrats have the softest policies on immigration and have criticised the governments for taking measures to limit numbers.

What Gordon Brown said is somewhat different from your quote.

And we are now ready together to take the next big step forward: with jobs today available for more than 30 million men and women for the first time in our history we can - if we make the right decisions - advance closer to full employment than ever - with a British job on offer for every British worker.