Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hull Liberal Democrats are all about money and greed

Janet Toker the former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Hull made this stinging remark in her resignation speech fro the party. The comment clearly still hits a very raw nerve with some sections of the Hull Lib Dems who are currently still squabbling over paid positions. I have even had outraged comments sent to me regarding the matter. However, as usual with the yellow Hull fib dems without a backbone and sent anonymously.


Anonymous said...

Running afraid of alternative comments are we? Good old fashioned censorship if the views don't reflect where your world view is? Oh dear!


Gary Wareing said...

John, I am quite happy to see alternative comments. However, It’s totally hypocritical to complain about censorship in an anonymous comment.

John Fareham said...

Gary I signed it with my own name as you acknowledge in your reply. It is possible I clicked the wrong button, despite Bobby's fevered world view I am not some sort of mega IT literate guru, but I am man enough to stand under my own name and say what I believe. I thought I sent back my comments on Bobby's failings as an investigative reporter under my own name. PLease feel free to revisit, and post them on this site with my name attached.

John Fareham