Friday, May 11, 2007

Lib Dem /Tory packed comes under pressure.

The Lib Dem /Tory pact on the Hull City Council is coming under intense pressure this week as the squabble for extra council allowances hots up. The ruling group no longer need the support of the two Tory councillors and they now face losing their highly paid additional allowances so the positions can be handed out to new Lib Dem councillors. Former Lib Dem councillor and ex deputy leader of the council Janet Toker famously left the Lib Dems following a similar squabble claiming the local “Liberal Democrats are all about money and greed”. The result of the squabble will be very interesting and will have an impact on the council for the rest of the year. If the two Tory councillors are given the highly paid posts of Chair of Planning and Chair of Licensing they will continue to vote with the Lib Dem group for the next 12 months. However, if the money and greed group win the day two Lib Dems will be appointed and every vote in full council will be on a knife edge.

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