Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Harriet Harman becomes Labour Deputy Leader.

On Sunday Harriet Harman became the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and replaced local MP John Prescott. The role is likely to be a much different from the one occupied by John. Harriet Harman has been appointed as chair of the Labour Party and will focus much of her attention out and about up and down the country.

The result of the election was extremely close between West Hull MP Alan Johnson and Harriet Harman.

The special Labour Party conference also saw Gordon Brown replace Tony Blair as Labour leader.

Watching the conference it is very clear that the changes made at the top of government will benefit the country and the Labour party.

The government has been given a fresh impetus and focus on making the housing market work more effectively and further improving the NHS.

Opinion polls show Labour improving and moving ahead of the conservatives reflecting the complete failure of the Tory party leadership.

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