Sunday, June 24, 2007

Labour back in the lead.

A new poll published in the Observer this weekend by Mori puts Labour back into the lead over the Consevatives with the nasty Lib Dems trailing in the rear.

Labour 39%
Tories 36%
Lib Dems 15%

There is clearly a long way to go befor the next general election but it is clear that voters prefer Brown to Cameron.

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John fareham said...

Gary. You know as well as I do these polls are pretty random and not a science. the only poll that counts is the election. I wonder if i could encourage you to de-personalise the results. We do not live under a presidential system and elections are not yet dumbed down enough to be about David or Gordon but about issues. Let us not over simplify the process, even your party does not set policy solely by the leader, so it is not theor party but each party is just that: a conglomeration of individuals who may or may not agree with the leader - who is not always in agreement with his party