Monday, June 11, 2007

Pearson Sells Out

Once upon a time after a long career with a club a footballer would be given a testimonial match to help with life after football such as buying a pub or a business or a career in teaching. Testimonial matches are a rarity now. Footballers even in the lower leagues can earn thousand every week whether they play or not. Players switch clubs as frequently as hairstyles with few ever gaining the respect of fans or a long service award.

Most club owners supported their local team, putting money and time into “getting the backroom” stuff sorted and a seat in the director’s box. Jack Walker at Blackburn, Michael Sugar at Tottenham and Elton John at Watford all supported their local teams as boys and went on to put their wealth into football clubs they loved.

Not anymore, football clubs are a commodity to be bought and sold by people who don’t support the team, city or care about the fans. They can come and more importantly go at a moments notice.

Paul Duffen and his associates are talking about the premiership in three years. Great. I want to see premiership football at the KC. But lets not forget what happened at Leeds United, spending millions to soar before crashing in debt and the farce of a bankruptcy buy back scheme.

What is needed in football is a real say and real control for real fans. Supporters who follow local teams in good times and bad deserve more of a say in what happens to “their” team than listening to a hasty press conference to be told its been sold to a group of southern based gamblers.


Rodrigo said...

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Gary Wareing said...

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