Monday, December 11, 2006

Building Fewer Schools.


Building Fewer Schools for the Future. This seems to be the new Liberal Democrat plan now that they have been given 6 months to provide their own plans for education in the city. To nights Mail carries a story about the Lib Dems plans for dramatic schools closures in Hull without giving the details away

Hull’s new rulers have been very quiet on their plans for secondary education, in fact not even one quote from a Lib Dem spokesperson in the whole article.

In fact Lib Dem bosses are planning to close half the current number of secondary schools in the city, replacing them with only 7 or 8 new 1500 place schools on sites yet to be decided.
When will the plans be revealed and when will consultation take place?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the best way would be for local councillors to stand in playgrounds at home time and make outlandish promises they can't keep to the parents.

Oh.. wait a minute.. I think your good self and former councillor Clark already tried that approach and look where that got you.