Saturday, December 02, 2006

An interactive guide to beating the Lib Dems, part 1

This is a very interesting link which shows how negative the campaigning by the Lib Dems really is:
donpaskini: An interactive guide to beating the Lib Dems, part 1


Anonymous said...

I was at the count in Hull City Council in 2003 when Labour regained control of the Council after one of the filthiest campaigns I have ever seen them run. One ward went right to the wire, with the result being decided by one single vote. The victorious Labour candidate, who won by one, had fought the campaign by knocking on doors and alleging that a Lib Dem win would see a 'hostel for immigrants' - their words, not mine! - built on a local field. Of course, this was not true, but that didn't stop them. When it was clear that they had won by one, the man's helpers began to chant 'Get out you f***ing loser* over and over again at the Lib Dem candidate, in front of his wife and children. One of them pushed two fingers up in front of the Lib Dem's face, told him that he was 'an f-ing loser who had no right to be in the building' whilst two of his 'colleagues' began frog-marching the Lib Dem guy towards the door, with his wife and family looking on appalled. So I will take no lessons, ever, from Labour people on their attitude at counts. Their activists often behave like BNP thugs.

I don't expect this post to remain on this blog long, no doubt it will be censored, as opposing viewpoints don't seem to be welcome here.

Bobby said...

Why would someone have their wife and kids at a count? Those things can go on until the early hours, and I believe that was one of them.

I heard voters telling me that the Lib Dems had been alleging I lived outside the country during the last local elections

Councillor Gary Wareing said...

Janet Toker is a good person to ask about this subject, as are many who have left the Fib Dems. Their canvassers reserve the real venom for former colleagues.

Anonymous said...

No Bobby, we just wish you lived out of the ward. You are not a very nice person. It's as simple as that.
You are a bit like all those Young Tory hangers on in the 1980s, rude, arrogant, over inflated sense of your own worth. The only difference is that some of those odious Young Tories became successful MPs, you wont ever manage that!

Anonymous said...

I just thought, you didnt live in the ward so what was wrong with us saying you didn't live there!