Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Building Fewer Schools.

Residents in East Hull have reported to me seeing a group of Lib Dem Councillors and education officers looking round an allotment site in the east of the city. The speculation is that a new site for the replacement to David Lister was the objective of the visit. Local residents are most upset. When is consultation going to take place?


Anonymous said...

By East Hull resident, I assume you mean Cllr Mary Glew. Well, what planet are we on there then?!

Victoria Dock Resident said...

Well my comment didn't last very long. Why have a blog if you're just going to remove opposing views?

Bobby said...

Why are you afraid to post your name?

Anonymous said...

Bobby, most people ought to be ashamed to admit that they read this nonsense!

Councillor Gary Wareing said...

I am sorry Victoria Dock Resident but if you put as a fact something I know is incorrect or a complete lie I will delete it. Well it is my Blog after all. However, I did not delete your comments due to opposing views. In fact it would be a nice change for any Lib Dem to have a political view. The problem is if voters knew what the Lib Dems really think no one would vote for them at all.

victoria dock resident said...

Apologies Gary, my suggestion that you had smoken some illegal substance was a joke.

However, the other point about the poor excuse for consultation that took place under former Cllr Clark was, in my opinion, fact.

PS There is no one political party that I regularly vote for, however I think we all know that if most people really did vote for the party that most acurately fits their views, then sadly the BNP would probably win most wards in Hull.

Councillor Gary Wareing said...

Consultation on this issue is never going to be easy. The meetings in the last round of consultation were very large and written replies don’t allow very well for debate or for others to hear opinions.

The good news it that the Government has given the council 6 months to amend its plans without any penalty.

However, we seem now to have started from scratch and everything is open to change.

The Guildhall is full of rumours. This cant be good for anyone, residents, parents or those working in schools.

I am told one day that senior officers want only 7 or 8 schools for the whole city, making them large area based schools.

I am also told that the government has asked for at least one academy school and maybe more in the city.

The point being that the new administration needs to present its plan soon so that consultation and comments can be made. If it waits too late what chance will there be to suggest amendments.

I understand that this will be difficult for the Lib Dems, whatever the final outcome there will be people, parents and teachers unhappy with the plan. But that is the reality of power.

victoria dock resident said...

Gary. You state that the Guildhall is full of rumours and that this can't be good for anyone. Yet you are quite happy to spread them on this blog it seems.

Councillor Gary Wareing said...

Yes i suppose you are correct but the Lib Dems need to come clean with their plans. The current rumours are coming from officers and Lib Dems councillors dangling bits of info.