Thursday, January 18, 2007

Full Council Meeting.

The Full Council Meeting for January was held at the Guildhall. Despite an unusually light agenda the meeting still overrun its allotted time. One of the most interesting things about to today is the extent to which Liberal Democrat Councillors are prepared to spin, bend the truth or tell outright lies. The other interesting thing is the small number of councillor involved. The divisions within the Lib Dems are becoming clearer and clearer. At one point the Cllr Minns was reminded by the Tory councillors that he was only leader due to the votes of Cllr Percy and Cllr Fareham. Actually this is true of all the Liberal Democrat Councillors. Despite claiming to be liberals the actual vote base of the Lib Dems is very small and they rely on natural conservative voters jumping ship. In many of the contributions today they really did look like yellow Tories.

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