Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Political decision to carry on with incineration.

Political decision to carry on with incinerator

Yesterday I attended the planning committee meeting which decided the fate of the proposed energy from waste facility at Saltend.

As usual the Events staff at the Guildhall were able to put on a professional well-organised show.

A large number of people attended but it was very clear that very few were from the city itself with many residents being bussed in from the East Riding.

The majority of Lib Dem councillor backed the incinerator. The debate within the Liberal Democrats must have been interesting. The move in their position on this issue is truly staggering. But ultimately correct.

In practice whatever the wishes of local politicians the argument to build an incinerator was overwhelming.

Hull does not have a landfill site and with rising costs of landfill projected to well into the future the financial consequences for the authority would be dire if the proposal had been turned down.

It is a great credit to the Lib Dems that the proposal was agreed. This was a tough political decision for them and for once they gave up the opportunity to back out. Well done.

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