Friday, January 19, 2007

Yellow Tories finally take control at Hull City Council

The Yellow Tories who are now in control at Hull City Council finally showed themselves today with the staged release of their budget proposals for the next financial year. A budget based on selling off council assets, giving away to private trusts council assets, redundancies and service cuts has been trumpeted in the local media by the Yellow Tories leader Carl Minns.

Even before the budget proposals the splits within the Liberal Democrat Group became very evident at the Council Meeting yesterday. There has always been a split between the traditional “liberal” wing and the younger aggressive anti everything group of newer Lib Dem councillors.

The budget proposals have very obviously widened that gap.

Whilst the older element of the Hull Lib Dems retail their liberal roots, the new breed have long since dumped any pretence at political philosophy in pursuit of power.

Or as Janet Toker put it “ The Lib Dems in Hull are all about money and greed”.

Years of claims of a two horse race in Hull have resulted in the Lib Dems totally replacing the Conservatives. Many Lib Dems councillors owe their seats to traditional Tory voters no wonder then that the group is rapidly moving onto Tory ground.


Anonymous said...

what on earth are you on about?

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I'd like to know who you think is in which "wing" of the Lib Dem Group!

It always makes me laugh when Labour politicians try and dismiss the Lib Dems as having "no real traditional voters" and "relying on the votes of Tories".

Just as if the majority of people who vote Labour agree with their policies. We all know Gary, that many life long Labour voters share next to no views in common with the party they vote for - most would probably be more at home with the BNP (as has been demonstrated across Labour's northern England heartlands in recent years).

I'd be interested to know your views on this.


Anonymous said...

If you actually believe the nonsense you are peddling you are clearly more deluded than I thought! I know why you want to peddle nonsense for your own political gain, but heaven help you if you actually *believe* what you are saying! It'd be a first for Labour, too!

Bobby Silby said...

Can't Lib Dem councillors get their own blogs instead of whinging on this one?