Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Still Yellow Tories

As my comments appear to have hit a nerve it may be worth looking at this in a bit more detail.

During elections the Lib Dems contact tory voters and say things like "can we borrow your vote" you know the conservatives can't win here. They also put out leaflets with the same message. This is aimed at Tory voters.

However, after the election the Fib Dems then claim that all the votes were "Lib Dems Votes". Clearly incorrect. In actual fact the votes are mainly made up from traditional tory voters encouraged to jump ship.

Its not then a big jump to look again at some of the floppy haired public school sorts who make up the new group of Fib Dem councillors and say they would be just as happy in the new conservative party. Its just that they would not have won in Hull under a Tory banner.

Since most are only interested in as Janet Toker put it "money and greed" they are only in the Hull Fib Dems because they think they will get elected.

This MUST really annoy some of the older longer standing members of the group perhaps ex-leader Cllr Butterworth who left during a vote at the last council meeting.


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