Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dirty Dealing in Private

Monday’s cabinet meeting was again the usual stage-managed affair by the administration. Officers are not allowed to speak, the pre made decisions are relayed to the press and the meetings are over in 15 minutes. Before this years election they said they believed in making decisions in public in an open and honest way. More Lib Dem lies. In fact a secret cabinet meeting takes place before the formal meeting the real decision and debate takes place in private. If the Cabinet is the real decision making body on the authority scrap the pre meeting and lets see the honest debate.


Anonymous said...

As someone who works in the Guildhall please forgive the anonymity but I remember when Labour held pre meetings too.

All of this yah boo politcs turns everyone off I wish councillors like councillor Waering would just grow up

Anonymous said...

I remember there being debates at Labour's cabinet meetings.

Anonymous said...

With cabinet members such as Cllrs Branson, Waudby, Turner, Webster, Glew, Hale and Clark, what sort of level of debate took place under Labour?!

Kath Lavery was about the only one who could string a sentance together!

Anonymous said...

The idea of intelligent debate taking place in the Labour Cabinet is a joke!

I mean did Sheila Waudby really understand the finer detial of her portfolio!!1