Sunday, November 19, 2006

Full Council Meeting

The Lib Dems showed themselves to be the nastiest party in politics at this month’s Council meeting. In a co-ordinated action they abandoned any attempt to argue policy and instead concentrated on personal abuse. In the three years I have been a councillor it was the worst show from any group on the council. They are clearly rattled, hate having to make decisions, and have decided to behave as bullies and thugs. At one point in order to look menacing Minns had two other councillors stood either side of him whilst speaking. From where I sit I can see the more sensible Lib Dem councillors cringe at the comments and speeches of their own colleagues. The Lib Dems have lost 11 councillors in the past few years to defections. It was very clear why at this meeting. Having spoken to some councillors not in the Uni group there are clearly more defections to come!


Anonymous said...

The Lib Dems may not have behaved well but no one behaved worse than the Labour Cllrs and the awful Lord Mayor!

Dave Richmond said...

watched the webcast last night for an hour. frankly it did nothing for the reputation of hull, and probably should nt have been shown. We need people to tune in to local politics not reach for the off button. Hulls a great place with many good services- which are credit to members of all political persuasions. But council meetings need to be used to debate politics not take swipes at personalities. Lets see more real debate on the issues that matter to the electorate. Lets see the many thoughtful, intelligent and articulate Councillors on the Council engaging in reasoned argument and lets see decisions being taken on the big issues of education, housing ,social care and regeneration. then perhaps people will get interested in the council and it may regain the respect of local people. People want to see the Council putting Hull first and foremost not petty and purile slanging matches. On the evidence of the last web cast its a mystery why the inspectors ever left. I will watch with interest and wish you all the best