Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mersey Primary School.

Well done Peter. School Inspectors have recently visited Mersey Primary School. The school with 175 pupils was told it provided a good standard of education. There were two very positive notes on the Inspectors comments. The improvement in the school premises and the quality of the teaching provided.

Falling school roles in the city have seen a reduction in the number of school places and the savings made have bee spent on schools like Mersey Primary School.


Anonymous said...

Opportunism of the lowest kind, from the ward councillor who was on the cabinet that threatened to close Mersey Primary School. Due to the uncertainty the school was under during the TOPS process, the intake fell and the staff, governors, parents and children were put through unnecessary stress.

Well done Peter, for bringing the school through it, despite Cllr Wareing and his party's best efforts to destroy the school.

Councillor Gary Wareing said...

Mersey Primary school is still open so that must have been the Labour Cabinet decision then. Its a pity the level of Lib Dem bedate in the city has fallen to the depths of personal abuse. Still i have yet to see any Lib Dem election education policy on what to do about falling roles at schools.