Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You've bin warned.

Bin Collections in chaos

Household rubbish collections have been thrown into chaos following the mad Lib Dems latest attempts to make changes.

Collection days have bin changed for thousands of homes leading to hundreds of missed collections across the city. The new days which don’t match with the collection of material for recycling are causing problems all over.

One lady who telephoned me for help was told no one knew when her bin would be emptied and she should put it out every day “just in case”.


Anonymous said...

Interesting Gary. You haven't made any mention to your hijacking of our resident meeting at Sullys on Monday night.

That meeting was purely for Stoneferry residents only, not for politicians to come along and spin us a line.

Councillor Gary Wareing said...

Hijacking sounds a bit strong. A residents telephoned me and asked me to attend, which i agreed to do. When i got to the meeting Brian asked if i would stand at the front. Other than offer support what else did i do to hijack the meeting?
What else would you have done differently?

Anonymous said...

Doesnt Gary represent that area?