Friday, November 17, 2006

Tories would welcome Sloan to ranks

Tories would welcome Sloan to ranks.

There was an amazing bust up between Lib Dem Council Leader and Portfolio holder for Regeneration Cllr Sloan at yesterdays Full Council meeting. Councillor Sloan was told to sit down and shut up by his own group leader during one debate. A clearly miffed Cllr Sloan then voted against the group whip.

Spotting the obvious discomfort the Tory Group Leader offered a place in the Conservative group to Cllr Sloan. Could this be the next Lib Dem defection?


Anonymous said...

And I quote: "What is a blog for? Is it for local residents or just for me?"

Your words Gary. Clearly, two months into this and you still haven't found your answer to these questions. At the moment your blog seems to be more about the Lib Dems than anything positive about yourself.

Don't lose heart though, I'm sure you'll get some direction in time.

Councillor Gary Wareing said...

The problem is unlike you I don’t spend all my time blowing my own trumpet.

Bobby said...

Andy come of out of the shadows, we all know its you.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad indictment - but probably a fair reflection of the truth - that you automatically assume that the only people bothering to read your blog are opposition councillors!

Oh, and evidently Bob Silby as well. Just the three of us then - at least I'm anonymous, so not identifiably a saddo.

Anonymous said...

His car is too posh to be a tory cleary!