Friday, November 17, 2006

Residents Meeting

I was asked by local residents to attend a meeting to discuss a proposed development on the Reckitt’s Sports Ground, Chamberlain Road.

The meeting was very well attended and I was please to be asked to chair the meeting, answer questions and allow residents to air their views.

Residents who spoke expressed concern about previous proposals to build houses in the area and we now faced a further proposal.

The previous application was rejected because:

It is a Greenfield Site
The flood risk assessment was unsatisfactory
The area is linked to green space and urban recreation space and the nature of conservation locally.
The impact the development would have on highways which would cause more traffic, pollution and noise for local residents.

All of these points are still valid in opposing future development of the site. Although a formal planning application has not been made a developer is looking at the site.

Demand for housing in Hull does not warrant building on a Greenfield site in the city when there are boarded up properties that could be brought back into use.

A Residents Forum Meeting will be held on the 29th November when this will be one of the main topics.

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